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The 2nd Annual Loud & Clear: A LIVE Storytelling Experience Cultivated Impact Through Powerful Storytelling from Influential Women of Color

In the heart of Dallas, at The Black Academy of Arts & Letters in the iconic Clarence Muse Theater, history unfolded once again on May 4, 2024, at the 2nd Annual Loud & Clear: A LIVE Storytelling Experience. This vibrant gathering wasn't just about sharing stories; it was a celebration of resilience, community, and the power of voices from women of color. 

Loud Women Lead is a global professional education and networking community for women created by 4X Emmy Award-Winning journalist Tashara Parker. She launched the organization to put women of color at the forefront of sharing their narratives & amplifying their voices, all while executing their divine purpose and sparking positive changes in their communities.

“As a journalist with more than a decade in the business, I’ve always appreciated the incredible power of storytelling.” shares Tashara. “Oftentimes, we hide in the shadows afraid to share our truth, not realizing the invaluable lessons learned when you share your story out loud for the world to hear. It’s healing.” This was the idea behind the inception of the annual Loud + Clear: A LIVE Storytelling Experience. Loud + Clear is a transformative event where women share personal stories on stage, fostering connection, support, and inspiration, celebrating resilience, courage and collective strength.

Before the stage ignited with stories of triumph and transformation, the venue buzzed with the energy of the Vendor Market Extravaganza. Here, 15 remarkable Black women-owned businesses from the North Texas community showcased their talents, passions, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

As the lights dimmed and the audience leaned in, the storytellers took center stage, weaving narratives that resonated with the soul. Each speaker, with unwavering courage and vulnerability, shared parts of their lives—stories of love, loss, triumph, and resilience. But beyond the words spoken, it was the profound impact of being heard, seen, and celebrated that echoed through the theater.

Amidst the stories of triumph and resilience, a cadence of solidarity emerged. With an infectious energy that reverberated through the room, there was a call and response that became the heartbeat of the evening: "SIS...TELL YOUR STORY." It wasn't just a chant; it was a rallying cry, a reminder that every voice, every story, mattered.

For the speakers, it was a moment of affirmation—a reminder that their stories were not just theirs alone but that they belonged to a sisterhood that stood together in solidarity and strength. 

“Telling my truth in such a raw, vulnerable way and being met with such grace and compassion from the audience was more healing than I could have imagined.” shares Stephanie KyeongSeon Drenka who took the Loud & Clear stage to tell her story of “The Power of Pole Dance: Reclaiming Womanhood One Spin at a Time”.

The evening began with words on “Overcoming the Only” from Dr. Biosha Jones who shared “Being that vulnerable and having such a warm, receptive response honestly brought tears to my eyes. It showed me that I have a story that needs to be told, and there are people willing to listen. I hadn’t thought that before.”

Standing on the Loud & Clear stage, telling a story, helped Lauren Scott, who is anchored in “Shaping the Next Generation In Living Color,” to truly find her voice. “I am still celebrating the fact that I came on the stage being bold, freely being me, and fearLESS to authentically tell my story.” shares Lauren. “It made me realize that I am capable of using my voice to impact others, and it is only the beginning of my journey.” 

And the audience responded with fervor, embracing the call to lift each other up, to listen, to learn, and to celebrate. It was more than just a performance; it was a sacred exchange of stories, a testament to the power of community and connection.

Tashara Parker is truly out here doing the Lord’s work uplifting women of color and creating the space for women who have culturally been taught to be seen and never heard. “Telling my story on the loud and clear stage was like nothing that I’ve done in my professional career.” shares Kim Williams, CEO. “First, the speaker coaching by Tashara Parker was a MasterClass in how to present your authentic self on stage. Additionally, doing so in a room full of supportive and encouraging women, who understand your story, was both empowering and cathartic.”

As the curtains closed on another unforgettable evening, the echoes of laughter, tears, and applause lingered in the air, reminding us of the profound impact of community, connection, and the unwavering resilience of Black women.

“Loud Women Lead was created to show women of color, with an affinity to Black women” Tashara shares, “because of our shared experiences that it’s time to lean in outloud and share our truth ‘Loud & Clear.”

Loud Women Lead, through mentorship, programming, and coaching, is purposed to champion the comprehensive well-being and advancement of Black and Brown women to establish the next generation of revolutionary change makers. To find more information on how you can support its mission and be a part of the work of the organization, you can visit

Applications to be a speaker at The 3rd Annual Loud + Clear: A LIVE Storytelling Experience can be accessed at

For pictures and media from The 2nd Annual Loud + Clear: A LIVE Storytelling Experience visit

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