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Mission Statement

The LoudHER Foundation, an extension of the Loud Women Lead vision, is dedicated to advancing the leadership and resilience of college-aged women. Our mission is to amplify their voices, enabling them to create radical change in our global society. We prioritize building mental fortitude and connecting visionary leaders to invaluable resources.

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Vision Statement

LoudHER Foundation envisions a future where college-aged women of diverse backgrounds receive unwavering support. Our vision embraces a world where access is not a battleground, and women seamlessly find their way through open doors, shaping a transformative and equitable tomorrow.

How We Measure Impact 

Leadership Development

Cultivating leadership skills and qualities among female college students, preparing them to assume influential roles in their chosen career field and community. This involves providing comprehensive leadership resources, and creating opportunities for active participation in community initiatives, laying the foundation for their future leadership impact.

Mental Fortitude

Prioritizing and enhancing the mental well-being of female college students through targeted support services, resources, and initiatives. This includes implementing specific awareness campaigns, such as mental health workshops and stress management seminars, and providing tangible tools for resilience, such as access to counseling services, mindfulness programs and events, and educational resources.

Unleash Your Loud College Tours

Provide transformative experiences through college tours that equip female college students with essential resources, exposure to diverse perspectives, and engagement with thought leaders. Create a supportive community through on-campus events to enhance the overall college experience and foster a sense of equity and belonging.

Powerful Networking

Build and expand networks for female college students to facilitate their professional growth and success. This includes organizing networking events and workshops to connect students with professionals, resources, and opportunities that will contribute to their career development.

Overall Impact 

Regularly collecting and analyzing data based on these indicators will provide insights into the foundation's effectiveness in achieving its mission and the positive influence it has on the lives of female college-aged students. Adjustments to programs and initiatives can be made based on the measured impact to continually enhance the foundation's reach and effectiveness.

Tracking the number of college students reached and supported by
the foundation

Success stories and testimonials illustrating the broader societal impact of empowered BIWOC leaders. 

Alumni engagement and contributions to societal change post-graduation. 

Recognition and partnerships established with other organizations and institutions. 


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The LoudHER


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