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Amplifying Women's Voices Through Storytelling

Updated: Feb 18

Loud Women Lead champions the empowerment of women through the amplification of their voices. Tashara Parker, the founder, believes in the transformative power of storytelling, especially for women of color.

The organization's inaugural "Loud & Clear LIVE Storytelling Event," exemplified this mission. It featured diverse women sharing personal stories on topics such as mental health, social change, and overcoming adversity. Speakers like Karrington Bennett highlighted critical community issues like food deserts in Dallas. Meanwhile, Alyson Rae Lawson's journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship underscored the importance of taking leaps of faith. The event was a testament to the organization's commitment to providing a platform where women's voices can flourish.

Through such events, Loud Women Lead redefines the narrative around 'loud' women, particularly Black women, transforming a historically negative perception into one of strength and resilience. This storytelling approach not only empowers the speakers but also inspires and educates the audience.

To read more on the 1st Annual Loud & Clear LIVE Storytelling Event, click here

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