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Redefining Leadership: Introducing the Force that is "Loud Women Lead"

Loud and proud - that's the rallying cry of an exciting organization looking to shake things up. Introducing Loud Women Lead, a group on a mission to amplify the voices and leadership of Black and Indigenous Women of Color (BIWOC).

This groundbreaking organization was founded by the dynamic Tashara Parker - 4x Emmy award-winning journalist, advocate, and all-around force of nature. Tashara recognized the need to reshape how female leadership is perceived, especially for women from marginalized communities.

Tired of seeing BIWOC confined to limiting narratives, she set out to create a platform for bold, authentic voices. A place for women to share their stories without being muted or sanitized. A safe space where women could lead loudly - and proudly.

More than a Movement

Loud Women Lead has cultivated a vibrant community centered around authenticity and purpose. This is a space where being yourself is not just accepted, but encouraged and celebrated.

At the core is a shared mission to amplify women's narratives. Loud Women Lead provides a supportive platform for participants to share their personal stories, professional insights, and strategies for success.

Through engaging speaking events, women from all walks of life are given the mic to make their voices heard. Picture a riveting live conversation that meets open mic night, with a diverse range of leaders stepping up to motivate and inspire.

Beyond events, Loud Women Lead offers support tailored to each woman’s leadership objectives. This includes coaching guided by industry veterans who lend their expertise to help participants hone their skills and potential.

There are also small group training labs perfect for digging into the nuts and bolts of topics like public speaking, executive presence, negotiation, and more.

Key Programs

Loud Women Lead offers a range of dynamic programs aimed at empowering and uplifting female leaders.

The LoudHER Talks bring together influential voices to share ideas, inspiration, and diverse perspectives. During these thought-provoking discussions, speakers from various backgrounds amplify stories that need to be heard.

For those looking to step into leadership roles, the Bold Narratives LeadHERship Labs provide coaching. These transformative sessions guide participants to embrace their strengths and lead authentically.

At Loud and Clear events, the stage is open to women across industries. Speakers share their stories of resilience, courage, and success. It's a celebration of collective power that arises when women's voices ring out loud and clear.

Recognizing wellness as a key component of sustainable leadership, the Just Breathe initiative focuses on mental health and self-care. Through workshops, resources, and supportive communities, women learn how to manage stress, practice mindfulness, and build resilience.

The Founder's Vision

The driving force behind Loud Women Lead is its passionate founder, Tashara Parker. As a 4x Emmy Award-Winning Journalist and advocate, Tashara has long used her platform and voice to empower marginalized communities.

Now with Loud Women Lead, her vision is to create seismic shifts on both societal and systemic levels. This includes pursuing financial equity so women have the resources needed to thrive. It also means providing a platform for impactful storytelling, where diverse narratives are celebrated rather than suppressed.

Tashara is committed to driving tangible change through policy initiatives like the CROWN Act, which prohibits race-based hair discrimination. She also continues uplifting BIWOC through campaigns and events where participants can unapologetically share their stories.

Loud Women Lead reflects Tashara's bold vision for the future. A future where women fearlessly express their authentic selves. Where they have equal access to financial independence, resources, and leadership roles. And where diverse voices unite to challenge the status quo and redefine success on their own terms.

Through its groundbreaking programs, supportive community, and founder's unwavering vision, Loud Women Lead is empowering women to embrace their inner strength and lead boldly.

This organization is disrupting limiting narratives about womanhood and leadership. Instead, it champions women's comprehensive well-being, advancement, and financial equity.

By amplifying women's diverse voices and stories, Loud Women Lead is establishing the next generation of influencers and change-makers across industries.

Want to get involved and support this mission? Consider becoming a member. You can also connect with the team to explore volunteering and mentorship opportunities for the philanthropic arm of Loud Women Lead, the LOUDher Foundation. 

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